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May we with all being realize the emptiness of the three wheels, giver, receiver and gift.


Welcome to the Eugene Zendo - Butsugenji. We are a Soto Zen Buddhist temple located in Eugene, Oregon. We offer a regular schedule of zazen, classes, lectures, services, and retreats. All activities are open to the public and supported by freely-given donations, and people of various faiths are always welcome.

Newcomers may attend our Sunday morning orientation, which begins promptly at 8:50 AM and includes meditation instruction. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early. Contact us with any questions you may have!

April 2014 bulletin
April 2014 calendar (pdf)

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Visit our parent temple Shurinji in Sendai, Japan.

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Spring Term Activities


Mon. Mornings Sanzen by appointment. See Sangha Board

Tuesday evening classes Zazen is at 7 p.m. with classes following from 7:45 p.m. to 9 p.m. The first Tuesday of each month will be a double sit with sanzen.

Wed. 4:30 -6pm Sanzen

Sunday morning

9:00 AM, followed by zazen. There will be a brief break at 10 o'clock followed by another period of zazen and then a Dharma Talk.

Thursday evenings, Ejo will teach a class on Dogen Zenji's Bendowa.Zazen is at 7p.m. with classes following from 7:45 p.m. to 9 p.m. We ask that participants commit to the entire series and register beforehand. Registration Materials